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Sound Samples Takeover

Interlochen Public Radio's
Sound Garden Project

The Sound Garden Project’s mission is to plant classical music in unexpected places as they reimagine a 21st-century performance experience. In their ambitious hands, a concert becomes an event, and an audience becomes a community of inspiration, understanding, and hope.

Kodak Quartet

kodak quartet_edited.jpg
This dynamic, award-winning string quartet is setting the world on fire with their passionate and energetic playing. They are highly regarded for their work with contemporary composers on new compositions and for presenting traditional works with a contemporary flavor.

Sound Samples Schedule on Wednesday, July 3rd

Sound Samples Schedule on Thursday, July 4th

Thursday Evening

7:00 - 7:30 PM

A performance by the students and faculty of the Cummings Quartet Chamber Music Camp, sponsored by the Dorothy Gerber Strings Program

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