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When: September 20th, 2016 at 4 pm

Where: Charlevoix City Hall Council Chambers

The primary purpose of the Year-End Visit is to determine the progress the Charlevoix Main Street program is making in the fulfillment of its vision, mission and work plan. National and Michigan Main Street staff will use three primary tools to measure progress — the program self-evaluation, the annual reports (vision, mission. strategic/work plan) and interviews to determine progress. In addition, the Team will also use periodic reports filed with Michigan Main Street Program to gain insights into the work in Charlevoix. At the end of the visit communities will know whether they have reached the 10 standards of accreditation set by the National Main Street Center.

The Year-End/Accreditation service has four primary objectives.

  • To review the local Main Street program and see if the criteria for national and Michigan accreditation is being meet;

  • To review the progress the Main Street program has made toward meeting the annual objectives set forth in its annual work plan;

  • To celebrate successes;

  • To develop strategies to address changes in environment, opportunities and threats facing the local Main Street program.

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