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Black Market Foods

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Black Market Foods is now open in a new location - 113 Antrim Street - and are offering old favorites plus a hot lunch line! What started out as a food truck quickly grew into a brick-and-mortar business. Black Market Foods opened at 311 Bridge Street in January of 2022 but they've since transformed that location into Bella's Pizzeria (by Black Market Foods).

Black Market Foods offers creative fare in a quick-service atmosphere utilizing quality ingredients. You'll find well-built epic sandwiches, grab & go food options, and all the snacks. A Sunday Pizza menu, delicious dinner specials, a food truck, and full-service catering options mean you have many reasons to check out what's happening at Black Market Foods in downtown Charlevoix.

Owners Erin Hofbauer and Greg Waterman are the two to credit for the delicious offerings coming out of this company, and they were recently recognized as New Business of the Year by the Charlevoix Area Chamber of Commerce. Watch their Award Video by clicking here.

We asked Erin some questions for the blog - read on to learn more about this home-grown sandwich shop!

What sets you apart from other similar businesses nearby?

We respect our employees and try to maintain a work environment that never forgets they have lives outside of our business. That is a major priority for us.

What product in your business is different from competitors?

Truly unique sandwiches and catering offerings.

What service does your business provide that is different than most others?

We have a rotating lunch menu so there is always something new to try. We also have fully customizable catering options for any sort of event.

What is something about your business that customers do not expect?

We (the owners) are there a LOT!

Do you have employees? If so, share ways that you help make them feel valued.

Yes! We offer unique benefits to help them financially in the long term. We make space for them to learn and grow within our business and go out of our way to respect their time away. We also disperse a regular supply of snacks!

What is one of your favorite customer testimonials your business has received?

Once a State Trooper ordered one of our sandwiches from the Food Truck and drove back to tell us that it made his "freaking" day.

Does your company have a personality and an attitude, and if so, how would you describe it?

We try our best to provide high-quality and creative products but our overall attitude is very relaxed.

Does your business participate in any partnerships with other local businesses (cross-promotion, sourcing local ingredients, etc.)?

We cross-promote with ourselves: Black Market Foods and Bella's Pizzeria; we collaborate regularly with the Townhouse Bar and VUE Wine Bar for private events, tastings, catering, customer appreciation events, and more. We also source as much of our produce as we can from local farms.

Why did you choose to own a business in downtown Charlevoix?

We live in Charlevoix and really appreciate the positive community mentality. Also, we have a great view!

How has Charlevoix DDA been valuable to your business?

In many ways! Access to grant funding, networking, and emotional support when necessary.

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1 comment

1 Comment

Apr 20, 2023

Hi, Greg Waterman and Erin congratulations on your Restaurants . Food looks awesome.... Our you near the corner of Antrim and Bridge st.... the building looks awesome!!! All the best to you both and your employees..


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