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Beaver Island Boat Company

Beaver Island Boat Company - Connecting Charlevoix and America’s Emerald Isle since 1984. Hop on board for a ride on Lake Michigan while enjoying some of the best views northern Michigan has to offer. Beaver Island Boat Company transports over 7,000 vehicles and 30,000 people each year while prioritizing safety, convenience, comfort, and affordability. Beaver Island Boat Company – Ride the Boat!

What is Beaver Island Boat Company's mission?

To provide passengers and freight shippers with transportation that is safe, convenient, comfortable, reasonably priced, and courteously rendered; To provide employees with a safe

and comfortable work environment, fair wages, advancement opportunity, and competitive job benefits; To provide reasonable return-on-investment to the Company’s Shareholders, consistent with other obligations spelled out in this statement.

Why is Beaver Island Boat Company such a big part of Charlevoix's Culture?

Ferries are the lifeline for the island transporting vehicles, passengers and freight. We are an extension of the highway system connecting people, goods and services between the communities of Beaver Island and Charlevoix.

We operate two ferry vessels on an almost daily schedule from Mid-April to late December each year, making nearly 365 round trips, transporting over 7,000 vehicles and over 30,000 people.

There has always been a connection between the Beaver Island Community and Charlevoix and we are proud to be a part of maintaining that connection.

Charlevoix and Beaver Island are unique

and beautiful and offer so much for those looking for an amazing experience and not just a vacation destination. In this age of hustle and bustle and getting

everywhere quickly it is nice to take a ferry ride on Lake Michigan, slow down a bit, take a deep breath, and enjoy some of the best views northern Michigan has to offer.

What's new for BIBCO this year?

Work has begun on our new parking area across from the Charlevoix Airport. This will be a gravel lot. Not only will the new lot allow for parking for Island visitors and residence, but will serve as an additional parking area for Charlevoix events and overflow for the airport. The close proximity to the airport is a definite benefit. Over the last few years we have worked with many partners in order to park visitors traveling to the Island and Charlevoix and we greatly appreciate those partnerships and the new partnership which has allowed us to build this new lot.

History Lesson

Ferries are the lifeline for the island transporting vehicles, passengers and freight. Before the ferries, access to the island was by steamers that transited the great lakes or by private boats. Over the years there have been at least 19 different ferries running from Charlevoix to Beaver Island.

The first real ferry was the Nellie in 1890. Like most of the early ferries, she was steam powered and had a wooden hull. In 1896 the Nellie was replaced by the Erie l. Hackley (79×17.4×5.2, 90 g. Tons) which was owned by Capt. P. D. (Pete) Campbell. She ran three trips a week to the island and on the other days was used to make runs to other ports in pine lake (later renamed Lake Charlevoix) as well as Little Traverse Bay and Cross Village. Then in 1900 the Hackley was replaced by the Joe and in 1902, The Beaver was brought in to take over the run to the island. (98x19x9, 121 g. Tons). She was also skippered by Capt. Campbell, who also owned a boat shop in Charlevoix. The Beaver caught fire and burned at the dock while moored in Charlevoix. This was a common fate of wooden hulled vessels that used wood or coal for fuel. The Beaver was later raised and converted to a barge.

Now Hiring

Beaver Island Boat Company is currently hiring for several positions. Click here to learn more.


Beaver Island Boat Company Charlevoix Office
103 Bridge Park Drive
Charlevoix, MI 49720

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