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Harwood Gold - the sweetest spot in downtown Charlevoix.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Welcome to the Harwood Gold Store & Café - the sweetest spot in downtown Charlevoix.

Historic commercial building in a downtown with a sign that reads Harwood Gold.

Here you can shop all Harwood Gold pure maple syrup and made-with-maple gourmet products and Enjoy espresso & tea drinks, smoothies, fresh pastries, and their delicious hand pies. The Parsons family has been making maple syrup in Charlevoix, Michigan since 1898, and it’s the foundation of everything they do at Harwood Gold. Learn more by visiting

Harwood Gold owner Amber Parsons answered some questions to help us learn more about this truly unique small business in downtown Charlevoix:

Woman wearing a yellow sweater standing inside of the store and café that she owns.
Amber Parsons, Owner

Please briefly describe why your business is the sweetest spot in downtown Charlevoix:

Harwood Gold is a specialty food business specializing in maple syrup. We're a family-run business that has been making maple syrup in the same family on the same farm for over 125 years. In 2016 we opened our Downtown Charlevoix location where we sell our delicious maple syrup products and a wide variety of coffee and baked goods for you to enjoy while you shop. Our line of specialty food products consists of pure maple syrup, maple syrup infusions, sauces, spreads, and jams, which are only sweetened using maple syrup. There's truly something for everyone.

We have been operating as a maple syrup farm within the same family since 1898, that's 5 generations of making maple syrup on the same farm.

What problem does your business solve?

Black and white photos hanging on a wall showing the 4 generations of Parsons family that made maple syrup.

We offer a healthier version of your favorite products. If it's not our pure maple syrup, for example, our sriracha or ketchup, we call this our 'made with maple' product. These products are only sweetened using maple syrup. All our products are free from processed sugars. And most of our products only have 2-4 grams of sugar per serving. You can feel good about how you're fueling your body and the flavor of our products is unmatched.

How does your business enhance the lives of people in Charlevoix?

Hands down, we truly care about our customers. We welcome them into our shop year-round and offer seasonal products and café menu options all the while considering customer suggestions. Being that Charlevoix is a seasonal town, we have our seasonal regulars on rotation and are genuinely excited to see familiar faces return season after season. Furthermore, we donate to local charities, schools, events, and sporting teams.

A round shelf with maple sweetened peanut butter, syrup, and other products on display.

Name 3 things that make Harwood Gold unique:

  1. We're open year-round

  2. We offer a wide variety of shopping experiences; in-store shopping, online, wholesale, and corporate gifting

  3. The only sweetener in our products is maple syrup

Do you have employees? If so, share ways that you help make them feel valued.

Yes. 22 employees. They feel valued by me allowing the space for them to be heard. Their thoughts, considerations, and personal needs come into play when they become a team member. We try to create a healthy work-life balance at Harwood Gold and treat our team like family.

A shelf with glass bottles of Harwood Gold Farm Style Sriracha Sauce.

Does your company have a personality and an attitude, and if so, how would you describe it?

We're hard-working with a positive outlook, always.

Why did you choose to own a business in downtown Charlevoix?

Because we're rooted in Charlevoix. It made the most sense to open our first store here because our farm is located in Charlevoix.

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Two loyalty club cards on a marble countertop, one for the Meat Pie Club, one for the Coffee Club.
This business accepts downtown dollars gift cards.


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