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Housing Solutions in Downtown Charlevoix

In January, the City of Charlevoix's DDA Director, Lindsey Dotson, spoke with Michigan Downtown Association's In MI Downtown podcast about downtown housing solutions and shared the story about creating the DDA's Downtown Housing Incentive program. Click the graphic below to listen.

The scarcity of affordable and attainable housing is a national issue for which there is no uniform solution for all communities. In this episode of In MI Downtown, learn what Charlevoix is doing to address the lack of housing available to the local workforce. Guest Lindsey Dotson, DDA Executive Director, provides details about deed restrictions and housing incentives. This podcast is one of several in 2024 that will inform the listeners about downtown housing efforts.

A brick historic storefront under construction.
211 and 215 Bridge Street project

Please excuse the editing bloopers in this episode. We are experiencing some technical difficulties on this platform.

Pictured: 211/215 Bridge Street project which was mentioned in the podcast as a property that has been awarded the Downtown Housing Incentive for the addition of two garden-level apartments below the commercial spaces. Click here to follow along with their project on Instagram!

Click here to learn more about the partners mentioned - Housing North & Michigan Economic Development Corporation.


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