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Interview with Executive Director Lindsey Dotson

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

“My name is Lindsey Dotson and I’m the Main Street DDA director in the city of Charlevoix. On the surface, Charlevoix is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places you will ever see. Pretty much everywhere you look, there's a water view, especially downtown. We have an award-winning, best-in-America marina that’s a big draw for boaters because of the access to an inland lake, plus Lake Michigan. The architecture is charming.

But, when you look a little closer, this community is authentic, and that's what I really enjoy about Charlevoix. We don't have chain stores here. Nearly every business is a small business and most of them are owner-operated. Some of our small business owners are from here and some of them chose to come here and invest. Charlevoix is a close-knit, awesome place to be."

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