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The Happy Troll Deli & Pub in Charlevoix

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The Happy Troll, which opened in May of 2023, is a nautical-inspired deli by day and a kitchen & bar by night.

Exterior of navy blue brick building with blue and white stiped awnings and a projecting sign that reads The Happy Troll Deli & Pub

Located at 111 Bridge Street in Downtown Charlevoix, this bright and

happy space serves up a robust menu of American fare, offering gluten-free options, and an exciting array of specialty cocktails and drinks. Enjoy views of Round Lake and watch the bridge go up while having a great time at your new favorite downtown spot.

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Downtown Charlevoix sent some questions along to the owners of The Happy Troll, Dennis, and Paige O'Leary, so that we could get to know them better.

Man and woman standing outside of the navy blue building in previous photo.

How would you describe The Happy Troll?

Fun, relaxing atmosphere where patrons can enjoy freshly crafted sandwiches, salads, soup, and entree options, along with fresh-baked desserts and a full-service bar.

What problem does your business solve?

Charlevoix's hunger for quality food and friendly service at a great price!

How does The Happy Troll enhance the lives of people in Charlevoix?

We provide a little "getaway" to spend some time with friends and family to relax and share some laughs and fresh food.

What are 3 things that help The Happy Troll stand out?

  1. We offer a broad selection of freshly baked pies, cookies, and cakes, along with specialty cocktails.

  2. All of our meats, cheeses, and vegetables are sliced daily, and...

  3. We brine our pastrami and corned beef and roast our beef in-house because we believe that is simply the way to provide a quality, crafted meal.

What is one service that you offer that others may not?

Our menu offers extensive options for those who follow a gluten-free or vegetarian diet. We also offer unlimited (non-alcoholic) beverage refills and catering for private events- either onsite or offsite. Additionally, our pub has a broad menu of signature cocktails including five new specialty mocktails we've added.

Deli sandwich with potato chips and a pickle.

What is your background and experience?

This is our first venture in the hospitality industry and we are enjoying the opportunity to put our own spin on The Happy Troll Deli & Pub in Charlevoix, based largely on our own dining experiences. We wear many hats and every day presents new opportunities to improve our establishment.

What is something about your business that customers don't expect?

In speaking with patrons, it's clear they appreciate the quality of the food but many weren't aware of all of the prep work involved with getting the plate to the table.

How do you help your employees feel valued?

We strive to be a very open environment, where ideas for improvement are shared and considered. Every employee deserves to hear "thank you" every day- our staff is the key to our success. Some days it's an unexpected free meal after or between shifts, other times it might be a day off they weren't expecting. Our goal is to make them all feel welcome and understand they are critically important.

Interior of restaurant with people sitting at tables eating lunch.

What is one of your favorite customer testimonials so far?

"The food and staff are fantastic- we love the new look and vibe. We will definitely tell our friends about The Happy Troll and we will be back soon!"

Does The Happy Troll have a personality? If so, how would you describe it?

For our patrons, it's to ensure they are relaxed and happy with their experience. For our staff, it's to ensure they feel empowered so that our patrons DO have a great experience. It's Our Happy Place, even when it seems chaotic during the high season- embrace the chaos.

Three colorful specialty cocktails sitting on a white bar with a neon sign behind it reading The Happy Troll.

Why did you choose to own a business in downtown Charlevoix?

This is our second business downtown, with the first being Cottage Pottery from 2017-2020, which then transitioned out of its downtown location and still does 6-12 pottery & canvas events per month at local wineries including 2 per month at The Happy Troll.

The vibe of downtown Charlevoix is great, the community is supportive and we support the community through donations, etc. The location is ideal and it's fun to be involved and interact with other businesses as well as the locals and visitors who pass by and want to chat for a while.

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